What is Political Intelligence (PI)

PI = Political Science (Engineering Politics Theory) + Artificial Intelligence

In PolitIQs, we dare to apply mathematics to Politics to get novel perspectives!

Political Intelligence (PI) is a concept and interdisciplinary branch invented by Mustafa ALWAHAIB. The term “PI” was coined by marrying Political Sciences with Artificial Intelligence (AI). While it might sound like a pure technical branch related to AI, PI is also a novel political concept.

Particularly, PI is the application of concepts originating from a theory founded by Mustafa ALWAHAIB. We call that theory Engineering Politics Theory.

Mainly, that theory allows the modeling of political systems objectively. In particular, the theory provides the foundation to represent (or model) political phenomena with abstract facts. Hence, biased emotional or ideological data are classified. That facilitates understanding how various political entities are structured/correlated and interact in reality.

In addition, the theory sets the essentials for an entity to get into the political domain (and become a political entity), explains how that entity gains power, and defines the rules of micro and macro relations among political entities.

That makes the theory practical and supportive to various political executives, such as policymakers and analysts.

So, partially, the Engineering Politics Theory lives in the political and international relations disciplines.

Bridging the Gap between Politics and AI
Politics are very subjective, context-dependent, and almost biased. Hence, AI algorithms are inapplicable directly, or in full potential, to politics, although limited exceptions exist. In order to overcome that limited applicability, we had to do some work on the “political side” before engaging the “technical side”: AI.

In this context, we dare In PolitIQs to apply mathematics to the subjective conventional political sciences. Here, the challenge is overcoming the aforementioned drawbacks and transforming politics into an objective presentation without losing the essence of the political phenomenon in question.

Thus, we introduce the Engineering Politics Theory. That theory models politics into an objective representation. Hence, mathematics is conveniently applicable, which facilitates the application of AI algorithms at their full potential. In other words, it becomes possible now to actively engage AI algorithms in Politics.

Correlation between AI and PI
Political Sciences intersects conceptually with Engineering Politics Theory. Applying that theory structures/models politics objectively such that AI is applicable. That application of AI theory to political data modeled by the theory is referred to as Political intelligence (PI). Generally, PI belongs in parallel to the two worlds: political and technical worlds.