Ad-Hoc Political Brains

We at PolitIQs proudly pioneer the conceptproduction of the Political Brains~

In PolitIQs, we build cognitive Political Brains (c) that smartly support decision-makers. The Political Brains are the state-of-the-art application of Political Intelligence. It provides high capabilities in open-source intelligence (i.e., the machine reads contents directly from social networks, websites, papers, and other sources), analyzing (recent developments and events), pattern recognition (in politics), modeling (political entities, relations, and behavior), classifying, reasoning, regression (i.e., predicting future), all in the real-time.

In other words, the Political Brain interacts with the user(s) in real time to produce analytical reports, detect the pattern of considered entities, generate models, and predict the future. The Political brain is fed by information automatically acquired from open sources and others (if any). These processes are partially supervised by the operator, i.e., the human.

The Political Brains are customizable in terms of the number of main and sub-geopolitical contexts, entities, and the depth/complexity of the political brain. Hence, our Political Brains are ad-hoc and can be deployed in any political context, regardless of the region, political entity, or other aspects.

To our knowledge, PolitIQs is the first research company that takes the initiative to build actively thinking Political Brains, which implicitly comprise artificial intelligence (particularly deep learning algorithms) and Engineering Political Theory.


Making an order of Political Brain
Each customer can obtain their ad-hoc political brain customized according to their needs. Upon setting up the brain, it is transferred and entirely operated at the customer’s venue, i.e., in their servers. The duration and cost of building each brain depend on its complexity or scale.

The complexity of the brain being built depends on the number of intersections of that brain with other brain(s). For example, we might create a Qatari Political Brain individually. However, that brain intersects with the US Political Brain in particular contexts. That intersection increases the Qatari Brain complexity.

We are open to receiving requests to build Political Brains in any context and scale, accumulatively getting more cognitive and accurate with time. For more information, please email us at or click here.