Who Are We?

PolitIQs is among the few in the world that pur forward real-time analysis systems for political applications

PolitIQs is a research company and novel paradigm of think tanks that pioneers Political Intelligence (PI), an intersection between Political Sciences and Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to our newly developed Engineering Politics Theory, we build Political Brains(c) that actively think and provide real-time analysis and further foresight for strategic planners, policy makers, analysts, observers, scholars, think tanks, governments and all relevant organisations. You might take a look on our genius PI solutions through www.politiqs.ai

We in PolitIQs work on re-inventing the practices and analysis of politics. Furthermore, as a think tank, PolitIQs provides training, studies and consultations in engineering politics.

ALWAHAIB Lab is the core unit PolitIQs, which aims at serving the scientific community in the topics of the application of AI in politIQs, Political Intelligence, pattern recognition in politics and other topics. It publishes a peer-reviewed journal: Political Intellignec Journal (PIJ).

Political Brain(c)
Unlike conventional exisiting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are mainly about compiling current literature with limited analysis capabilites in politics, PI actively engineers and analyse politics, predicts the future and envisions the tracks of various political players.

Consequently, building Political Brains(c) becomes a reality. The emerging of Political Brains(c), which is one of PolitIQs inventions, shall open the door towards making smarter, more reliable and efficient politics and strategies, in both local and international domains.

That would facilitate practicing and understanding politics – in real time -at low cost in three dimensions: past, present and future. Furthermore, PI reduces the time, errors and human biase in analysis politics are reduced significantly.

Engineering Politics Theory
All aforementioned capabilities of PI are possible thanks to our novel Engineering Politics Theory, which we put forward to fill the current gap between political sciences and AI.

The theory intersects with political domain and provides a model that structures politics comperhensively. That can be benefitial for both human (strategists and policymakers) and machine (AI).

For AI, The structured presentation of politics allows mapping them into a language that is understandable by machines. Hence, AI is applicable at high potentials such that the machines can deeply understand and foresee political issues.

For strategists, policymakers and researchers, the theory provides a systematic engineering (i.e., planning, making or analyzing) methodes. Hence, influencing a political landscape and making strategies and politics can be smarter and more effective.