Think Tank

Think Tank

PolitIQs is a novel paradigm of think tanks that issue reports and studies on various topics. We mainly produce three types of content:


Analytical Reports:
periodic and non-periodic reports that present deep information on specific topics, presented and summarized innovatively, with short analysis’ that makes necessary understanding of the topic in question.

a study on a particular topic that establishes a profound awareness foresight of future scenarios and predicts their probabilities.

Patterns and Models:
a novel category of studies developed by PolitIQs, where we detect the patterns from various events and previous analyses and build models accordingly. Our models can be used to understand past and current events and predict the future of the entity in question. In addition, our models can be utilized by strategists and policymakers who consider the entity in question.

The cost and duration to produce a certain content depends on its type and size. To request specific content, please Click Here.